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This is a cafe racer built from the frame up using a Norton featherbed frame and tuned BSA DB engine and gearbox. Features a performance motor, belt drive primary, five speed gear set, and 4LS front brake and more.

Full engine rebuilds for all British classics from stock to high performance. Many reliability up grades too and electric starters installed.


General repairs and tune ups for all British classics


We service and repair all British classic motorcycles..

We offer engine rebuilding for most British motorcycles. Here we are building a high performance Triumph Trident for a Rob North frame.  We can make the motor run as good or better than new and look like new..

A testimonial from a recent service customer...

"Happy New Year, Jason!
Yes, I am extremely happy with the results.  And I didn’t have to push it once!  It was a real pleasure dealing with a true professional.  I can see why your business was such a success and why you have a stellar reputation.  I really appreciate that you didn’t hold the uncomfortable seat against me.
I will use your services again in the future (but hope not too soon).  Thanks for the recommendations, too.
Best wishes for 2021,
Bernie Melvin"
Tired of kick starting that old classic motorcycle? Here we are installing an electric starter on a Vincent Black Shadow. We can also install similar units in Nortons, Velocettes, and other classics.
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